Fishing Trip Prep

Fishing Trip Prep

What to bring on your Charter:

  • Warm Clothes (Even in the middle of the Summer!  Lake Superior is called a LAKE, but acts more like a deep, cold, inland SEA. She is full of fish AND surprises.  It can get cold, windy and wet, so come prepared.  You can always shed a layer or two if it gets too warm!)  If you do forget and it gets super cold out, James Addiction Charter Fishing hoodies are available for purchase on the boat.
  • Comfortable shoes. Don’t wear your muddy work boots please 😉
  • Sunglasses are a MUST.  It can get bright out there, and you’ll thank yourself.  Also, it provides a little protection from flying hooks when “Johnny” horses the fish and rips lips. 🤣
  • Food and Beverages of your choice.  Alcohol is allowed, but please use in moderation.  No drinking like fish!  The Charter supplies bottled water for the trip.
  • SUNSCREEN.  I cannot stress this enough.  Especially for all day trips.  The sun can and will bake you on your trip.  Protect yourself so you do not return from your charter looking like a lobster. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING THE SPRAY TYPE…it gets all over the lures and equipment which is messy and it can repel fish.  Fish don’t like sunscreen!
  • USCG Approved Life Jackets are on board as required, but they are not the most comfortable to wear.  Feel free to bring your own PFD if you so desire.
  • Fishing Licenses

  • A current MN Fishing License is required.  In MN, a Trout Stamp is required to fish on Lake Superior.  However, youth under 16 may fish WITHOUT a license.  Elders 65 and older do not need a trout stamp, but anyone between 65 and 89 will still need a MN fishing license to participate. 24 hour licenses are available to residents and non-residents alike. 
  • The trout stamp is INCLUDED with the 24 hour license.  It is acceptable to have your license electronically; however, it is handy to have the paper copy in case of DNR inspection.
  • Fishing Trip Prep: FAQs

  • How do I get my fish home?
  • The Captain will filet and Ziploc your catch (GRATUITY NOT REQUIRED, BUT APPRECIATED!), and so you should bring a small cooler with ice to transport your catch after the trip.  It is critical to keep fish on ice until ready for consumption.  Your food and beverage cooler will work fine for this, but some like to separate the fish from the food.  Cook or Smoke?
  • Can the fish hear us?
  • YES.  That’s why I always say, “GOOD VIBES ONLY.”  Believe it or not, the fish can sense this, and they will hook up better if you put out GOOD VIBES ONLY!
  • Is there anything I shouldn’t bring, say or do?
  • NO BANANNAS!!! It’s bad luck…trust me.  No banana boat sunscreen nor any other banana related product either please!  There are many reasons, but here is a link explaining some of them: NO BANANNAS
  • Other things that are bad luck include asking what the “limit” is and if the Captain has ever been skunked….at least wait until the first fish hits the net!  The limit is 3 lake trout per person FYI.  If the “L” has been achieved prior to the designated time, the trip will conclude.  Congrats!
  • The captain is always right.  Don’t question your captain’s methods, rather listen to your captain!  You might learn a thing or two about fishing ⚓
  • Pair with my bluetooth and listen to your own tunes.  If your genre isn’t catching fish, we will try someone else’s!  It’s a thing, trust me.  On that note, absolutely NO Gordon Lightfoot allowed.  Do not even bring up the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Once we get tied off to the dock, feel free, but not on the big lake!
  • Don’t be late!  Departure times: 0545 for AM and 1145 for PM trips. (Late season trips starting in September may start later due to darkness, but your captain will communicate this with you prior to the trip.  Feel free to reach out to confirm).
  • Booking Details:
  • All charter trips require a credit card to secure the date.  Although no deposit is required to book, a $200 cancellation charge will be issued for any reason other than a weather cancellation, no exceptions. The trip cost is due upon completion of the charter.
  • Rates are for the boat, NOT per person!
  • Mixed group trips are not suggested, nor are they allowed.  This means we don’t take strangers out together.  Private charters only.  Multi-boat charters with the same group are allowed and encouraged.  See below for details.
  • Cash is preferred, but credit card or debit is accepted as well. A 3% credit card fee will be applied to any card transaction.
  • Gratuity is not required but is greatly appreciated!!  Tips on giving tips can be found here: Do I tip on a charter?
  • Large Groups:
  • Do you have more than 6 people?  NO PROBLEM!  Captain James works with an elite group of other Charter Captains at the same marina (and on the same dock so VERY convenient), and altogether we can accommodate up to 42 people!  Call or EMAIL to inquire about group trips.  Group trips are a ton of fun, and always a little competitive!
  • Don’t see a time available that works for you?? Email to inquire about mid-week availability that may not be posted on the calendar!  Sometimes there is more flexibility than shown.  Contact the captain directly to find out.
  • Fishing Trip Prep Contact Info:

  • 218-213-8816 Call or Text

  • Facebook or Instagram messaging
  • Meet the Captain
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